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Congress held its second Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) hearing on May 18, 2016, and Agencies are only showing minor improvement in the four categories measured: Data Center Consolidation, IT... [read more]

Federal agencies submitted their FITARA Self-Assessments and Implementation Plans to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) on August 15. While many agencies met this first hurdle, they’re now faced with an even larger challenge—implementing their plan. Agencies have... [read more]

In recent years, Agile has expanded outside of software development to enable incremental delivery of value and task management to traditionally more structured and formal business and technical functions. Application of Agile as a management mindset allows... [read more]

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As pointed out in a recent Washington Post editorial, it’s never too early to start planning for presidential transition and, in particular, how a new... [read more]

Agile Software Engineering

Recently, Octo gathered for one of our quarterly All Hands meetings where we try to get the whole firm together in one place to share our progress on our goals for the year and recognize teams and individuals for great work. It’s getting more difficult to get the whole firm in one room these days as we approach 200 employees. Topics... [read more]

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Recently, Octo gathered for one of our quarterly All Hands meetings where we try to get the whole firm together in one place to share our progress on our goals for the year and recognize teams and individuals for great work. It’s getting more difficult to get the whole firm in one room these days as we approach 200 employees.... [read more]

Passage of the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) in December 2014, as codified in the recent draft guidance released by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), significantly expanded the responsibility and authority of Federal Chief Information Officers... [read more]

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In August, FierceGovernmentIT, in collaboration with the research firm Market Connections, published a series of articles examining Federal Agency adoption of modular acquisition/development strategies as... [read more]

A visible trend happening today is the transition from owning proprietary data centers to outsourced data center operations. According to various market research reports, on an average, companies devote about 20% of their budgets regardless of usage on the installation and operation of data centers and IT equipment internally. Hence,... [read more]

I recently represented Octo Consulting by presenting a paper at an international research conference on digital government in Quebec.  Despite the fact dgo 2013 was primarily a research conference, there were a number of public sector speakers and the combination of theory and practice resulted... [read more]

Octo attended the AFCEA/GMU Critical Issues in C4I Symposium from May 21st-22nd at George Mason University, where the key topics where the Joint Information Environment, Big Data, and Mobility.

The Joint Information Environment, or JIE, was the subject of the keynote speeches delivered by the Deputy DoD CIO, Mr. David Devries,... [read more]

We at Octo Consulting are passionate about Data, among many other things.  For me, personally, nothing is a bigger asset for any organization, Government or otherwise, than Data.  This week, myself and Dr. Charlie Mead, our Director of Health IT, will be ... [read more]

Perhaps it was the Ides of March or some other phenomenon (March Madness is already reserved for another event starting today) that spurred a flurry of activity in Congress this week…we at Octo are tracking movement on several key pieces of legislation moving through Congress that have significant implications for our clients in the... [read more]

Continuing day 2's deep dive into SPARQL, we began day 3 talking about inference and the value of property paths. In the semantic web, by defining transitive properties, you can establish relationships across subjects. Consider the heirarchy:

Beagle isA Dog isA Mammal isA Animal

By declaring that Fido is a Beagle, the... [read more]

Wednesday’s session was all about deep diving into SPARQL. The SPARQL Protocol and RDF Query Language (SPARQL) is a query language and protocol for RDF. SPARQL protocol describes a means for conveying SPARQL queries to an SPARQL query processing service and returning the query results to the entity that requested them. A SPARQL query... [read more]

The most important take away from Tuesday's session was truly understanding how Semantic Web Techonlogies can be applied to improve health care interoperability. Particularly speaking, the advantage Semantic Web technologies provide in terms of identifying semantic equivalances in terms of health care data such has within clinical... [read more]

Octo set out this week to figure out a path to solve a problem that is simple to explain but difficult to achieve. We call it a "End-to-End Use Case." The challenge is to find a way to discover "semantically equivalent" data that has been collected in multiple studies. Traditionally, this is a relatively straight-forward task... [read more]

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Octo is thrilled to announce a Semantic Web three day “hackathon”, (February 19th - 22nd),  featuring guest Eric Prud'hommeaux from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) . Eric's role in the Semantic Web Health Care and Life... [read more]

Agile Software Engineering

I suspect that OCTO is not the only consultancy whose clients are urging us to be more “agile” in our delivery. As much as the term is used these days in myriad contexts, I suspect agile means lots of different things to whoever is talking about it. For the kind of management consulting we do, the immediate question is, “Isn’t agile a... [read more]

What Can We Expect on the Healthcare IT Landscape in the Next Four Years?
Observations and Speculations

“All happy families are alike.  Each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”  So begins Tolstoy’s epic tragic novel Anna Karenina.   In the world of literature, the... [read more]

IT Strategy and Architecture

The three-day mHealth summit has concluded.  The conference focuses on larger “mobility” picture including issues with connectivity as it relates to global health rather than solely focusing on mobile applications.  There is a wide variety of people in attendance including payers, providers, doctors, consultants, government, country... [read more]

The 1105 Government Information Group sponsored the 10th Annual Enterprise Architecture Conference.  The Expo attempts to bring together chief enterprise architects, CIOs, and program managers from across federal civilian agencies, the Department of Defense and state and local organizations, as well as... [read more]

Program Management

The United States of America is a technology leader, military force, and country built on the foundation of individual freedoms fostering innovation and unparalled prosperity. Our nation has leveraged the innovation of its citizens to create a powerful intelligence engine to deter and protect our country through technology dominance... [read more]

IT Strategy and Architecture

What are the ingredients of a Standards Development Organization (SDO)?  In order to be successful, an SDO must do many things in addition to developing a published standard.  To name a few, they must distribute, promote, and govern the use and expected evolution of each standard.  SDOs that go above and beyond this minimal task... [read more]

As more and more of the world becomes digital, the amount of data generated is scaling at a rate never seen before — so much that 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone.  The combination of social media, smartphones, tablets, sensors and connected devices are creating a tidal wave of new data... [read more]

Believe it or not, with President Obama elected for a second term, it's about time to start thinking about transition planning.  Even though the Obama administration now has four more years in charge of the executive branch, now is the time to help clients prepare for this inevitable change.  It is most timely as the editors of the... [read more]

Program Management

Welcome to Octo’s Thought Leadership page…we are excited to be launching this new area of our web-site that is going to showcase the great ideas and thoughts that many of our consultants in the firm have. Today marks a first step toward Octo playing a more active role as a thought leader in the Federal market. Or should I say a more “... [read more]