Markets We Serve

  • Improving Intelligence Dissemination

    Effective and efficient dissemination of intelligence products from producers to key consumers is a critical element of the overall Intelligence Cycle. An ever-increasing range of dissemination channels (e.g. mobile devices) and an overwhelming availability of data against a backdrop of fiscal and security constraints require the Intelligence Enterprise to strive towards a refined dissemination model.

    Octo offers a variety of tailored strategies and technologies to ensure the intelligence consumer has the best information presented in the most effective manner to enable decision making. We have led large intelligence enterprises in the transformation of their dissemination organizations, processes and technologies.

    Octo’s specific capabilities for enhancing intelligence dissemination includes Enterprise Solution Design, Enhanced User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX), and Dissemination Technology Integration. Each of these capabilities leverage our deep expertise with data analytics and user engagement. 

  • Enhancing Intelligence Analysis

    Intelligence analysis is the heart of Exploitation within the Intelligence Lifecycle.  Within the last several years, intelligence enterprises have been working to significantly enhance intelligence analysis products through improved data visualization techniques and dissemination approaches.

    Octo understands the IC collects, analyzes and supplies a tidal wave of data creating the increasingly difficult task to ‘see the larger picture’. Octo’s data visualization solution enables users to gain actionable insights from any data. Our solution fuses and transforms data to discover insights. Designed for ease of use, the solution combines fast data manipulation with engaging visualizations. Octo’s solution enables the IC to combine and analyze data addresses an organization’s multiple data layers, including: Data Management, Data Fusion and Enrichment, and Data Analytics.  

  • Enabling Intelligence Collection

    The intelligence collection process is critical to the Intelligence Lifecycle. The process is often constrained by the collection capabilities of each enterprise.  Enabling the collection process to support the transformation of data from ‘information’ to ‘intelligence’ is a critical issue for today’s intelligence enterprise.

    Octo offers mission, functional, and technical expertise and solutions to enabling intelligence collection. Our expertise in intelligence collection spans the unique intelligence domains (CI/HUMINT, GEOINT, SIGINT, etc). Octo offers a variety of tailored strategies and technologies to enable the intelligence collection enterprise. Our specific capabilities includes Requirements Analysis, Solution Architecture, User-Centered Design, and Technology Integration.