Helping the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers implement agile processes for core mission systems

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The United States Corps of Engineers (USACE)  builds and maintains America’s infrastructure and is responsible for the management of over $4.8 billion in projects. In order to ensure disciplined project management, USACE deployed the Promise system and subsequently upgraded to Promise 2 (P2) which is fully integrated with USACE financial management and contract management systems.  The P2 System has not effectively adapted to the changing USACE requirements and shift to USACE overall strategy while in sustainment phase resulting in significant impact to user satisfaction and stakeholder objectives

Our Approach

Octo was brought into assist USACE in improving the performance of the P2 system. Octo has worked directly with the infrastructure management group at USACE ACE IT to prepare quality assurance standard operating procedures, provided a performance improvement plan for the P2 system that includes migration to Agile development principles and better alignment with functional stakeholders. Octo established the P2 “Performance Improvement Program”, which has been the strategic outline and roadmap for the Program Manager to achieve improved performance, decreased sustainment cost and better alignment to functional requirements.


The P2 system has reorganized under a single technical project management authority that provides daily technical oversight of the sustainment and operation of the system. Through the series of projects completed by Octo, USACE has identified gaps in processes and has established a more effective governance approach that has enabled the development and sustainment team to improve performance of the P2 System. The P2 System overall performance and executive advocacy has improved significantly.