Helping to improve the clinical research mission at NIH through technology innovation

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The National Heart Lung and Blood Institutes (NHLBI) has been undergoing a massive transformation to improve how IT is being used to support the mission of the agency with an emphasis on implementing enterprise capabilities for both Intramural and Extramural research. Octo has been supporting the NIH since 2006 with architecture, planning, and innovation support to help improve how IT is used to support clinical research.

Our Approach

Octo was brought into assist NIH with architecture, strategy, and innovation planning using our Agile Enterprise Architecture approach.  This included conducting rapid market research, analysis of alternatives, and conceptual architectures for topics that have challenge NIH for some time.  This approach emphasized prototyping technologies and solutions to see how they address customer pain points, and doing so in a way that took advantage of existing enterprise investments.  We established an "Innovation Center" concept that encouraged the use of new technologies without making significant investments, and integrating architecture with agile software development. 
Octo helped to introduce and prototype Idea Management and Crowdsourcing solutions to support the selection of funding opportunities for grants; developed a new conceptual architecture for how the scientific community collaborates with one another; and is developing a target-state for how NHLBI supports clinical research management and accrual tracking.