Assisting with the deployment of over 40,000 Forest Service employees to Microsoft's Email in the Cloud service.

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The Forest Service is highly dispersed with a workforce of 40,000+ and work is accomplished through 900 field offices located all across North America. The agency needed to migrate its messaging systems and services (from an internal Lotus Notes and Domino environment to a Microsoft cloud-based application suite.  The major challenges facing the project team were related to (1) technology deployment and transition from Notes to Exchange, (2) effective communications and change management with a geographically disperse workforce, (3) training in the new application suite,  and (4) implementing the new messaging services while a large portion of the workforce is focused on mission-critical support for Fire season.

Our Approach

Octo was brought in to provide program management and strategic communications management support to these initatives. Bringing to bear true subject matter experts in the Forest Service domain, cloud, and strategic communications areas, Octo has partnered with Forest Service and USDA leadership to attack both strategic and tactical maturation of the program, processes, and personnel.


Trusted advisor providing insight and experience from numerous Strategic Communications and Software as a Service (SaaS) efforts to the Program Manager and identification of key risks throughout the deployment of the Microsoft cloud solution.