• Efficiency is the new innovation - it defines how we think and deliver. We are constantly challenging the status-quo with new innovations and solutions. 

A full suite of solutions that are implemented rapidly and that adapt to changing missions, priorities and customer requirements.

Octo is a services-based company that implements creative solutions to meet agency missions that allow us to redefine the model needed in this new norm of government contracting. 

  • Addressing the needs of the Intel community, with an eye on innovative solutions for analyzing data for rapid decision making.

  • Focusing on solutions that enable the transformation of the Army Enterprise for deployed and generating U.S. Forces.


  • Supporting the National Security mission through case management, data visualization, cyber-security and intelligence collection.

  • Understanding the government's role in preventative health, introducing solutions to modernize clinical research. 

We are a group of hackers, thinkers, innovators and collaborators. We challenge the status-quo.

Our Solutions